5 Of The Best Pool Dunks On The Internet

5 Of The Best Pool Dunks On The Internet

Ah, summer. It’s such a great time of year with the warm weather, green trees, fresh air. It’s also a time when kids don’t have school, leaving their imaginations up to the challenge of keeping them entertained. Being the expert in pool installation in the Twin Cities, GT of course loves seeing kids and families getting the most fun out of their pool. So in the spirit of wet and wild fun, here are my 5 favorite pool dunks on the Internet!

Watch Out For The Sasquatch!

It seems that a lot of these videos feature some kid rolling across the screen on roller blades, snagging a tossed basketball and firing it away just as fast. But not all of them feature a suprise attack from a sasquatch (at least that’s what I think it is..) Check out how these kids used the monkey costume to put their dunk video above the rest!

Double Decker Slam

Adding a waterfall to the middle of your pool, creating two cascading pools is a great design feature. But try a complicated dunk maneuver over it like these guys and you’ll truly impress me. Even more impressive that it starts out with a kick instead of a throw.

 Strength in Numbers

If you really want to create an impressive pool dunk video, try gathering up every single one of your friends… say around 14 or so. This video involves a very coordinated effort, and we must say we are rather impressed by number 13’s save. He really held the dunk together – nice work!

Fire it Up!

If you really want to amp up your pool dunk, you know what you need? Fire. Where these kids got a flaming hoop, and why there are no parents supervising–well, it’s beyond me. But the fact that this dunk is awesome isn’t! Check out how these guys heated up the contention in the world of pool dunking.

A Flipping Final Touch

Here’s an impressive effort that not only features an impressive 50 yard throw to start things out, but adds in a little flip for flair! If only these youngsters realize how lucky they have it to be able to perform a flip in the pool and not worry about breaking something!

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