Backyard Landscaping Packages

Your backyard can help determine your entire lifestyle. It could be a place to entertain with style or relax in peace. Tell us what we can do for your home. Do you want a pool to lay at through those cherished Minnesota months? Or is your fantasy an outdoor kitchen to host dinner parties? Or maybe you just want to maximize your space for a safe open area where your kids can play. We want to make your dreams come true, let GT Design and Landscapes of Minnesota complete your home. Our extensive knowledge of a variety of landscapes gives us just the expertise you’ve been looking for. Get started, and request a quote today! GT Design and Landscapes will create a space you won’t ever want to leave. Your perfect getaway destination can really be just a few steps away.

Choose from one of the following suites of backyard landscape packages to discover what’s possible with your property and budget.

15-40k backyard landscaping
40-75k backyard landscaping
75-110k backyard landscaping

110-150k backyard landscaping 150k plus backyard landscaping package



Backyard Lawn Care

Both the front and backyard lawn need the same care. Mowing is less frequent in fall, yet still needs doing until the first snow falls. Autumn is the perfect time to aerate lawns that benefit from this, by using an aeration tool to punch holes spaced evenly apart in the ground. GT Design & Landscape is your team in the Twin Cities to make your backyard landscape beautiful. We’ll give your lawn a proper makeover with a thorough de-thatching, fertilizing, and finish by applying a top-dressing.

Thatch is the stuff that collects at the base of the grass. De-thatching is removing any thatch, when it is about one-half inch thick. Use a rake and do not be timid. It is normal for the lawn to look a bit roughed up after de-thatching; however, this makes the lawn grow beautifully in spring. Patch with sod or re-seed bald areas as appropriate. Apply the correct fertilizer, and then put on the top dressing, which is a mixture of sand, loam, and organic materials.

Fall is the time for raking leaves. Rather than see this as a chore, think of the leaves as raw materials for the compost pile. It is so easy to make mulch and compost from collected leaves. Just put them in a protected area, so they will not blow around again, and turn them over once a week. Add anything dead from the garden as well, like broken twigs or dead perennials, being careful not to add anything to the compost pile that appears to be diseased.

The best way to protect shrubs is to wrap them with twine, so the weight of the snowfall does not break them, and then cover them with burlap held in place by twine. Put mulch around the base of all bushes and plants.

Fall is a great time to plant starter trees that are strong enough to withstand transplant shock. Nurseries have super bargain prices on trees up until around Dec. 1, as they try to reduce inventory.

Pool Landscapes

Nothing says luxury like a pool in your backyard. Make your backyard your own little paradise within the bustling and commotion of the Twin Cities. Our pool landscaping team will customize any pool installation project that you have in mind. We build beautiful inground pools for you to lounge by, have fun with the family, entertain guests, and be the talk of the neighborhood. If you are interested in our pool landscaping services, Landscape GT is your team.

We also do pool maintenance and winterization now that the cold months are upon us. The steps to winterize a pool are to first make sure the water has the correct chemical balance, and then add special winterizing chemicals, that you can buy in a kit or have professionals handle. We lower the water level to below the skimmer by about a few inches. Shut off the filtration system, remove all the water in the system, and blow all the water out of the connecting pipes. Then cover the pool. Make sure to secure the area, so no one walks over the pool in winter, when hidden by snow.

Deck Design & Patios

Backyard decks always benefit from the application of a water-sealer during autumn to prevent damage from rain and winter snow. We’ll provide deck installation and maintenance services to your backyard for every season of the year. A deck or patio, which people walk on during winter, needs snow and ice removal maintenance to prevent slip and fall accidents. If there is not already a snow removal service under contract to provide this maintenance, now is a great time to reach out to them. Some homeowners like to take care of this snow and ice removal themselves; nevertheless, some massive winter storms require professional help, so it is prudent to have a service lined up in case of emergencies.

A deck provides fun all year round, giving you and your family a place to barbeque, have fun and entertain neighbors and friends. A deck is a great way to utilize otherwise wasted space in your backyard. At an affordable price, adding a deck onto your house will improve the fun and function of your home exponentially. Now, you have your own little place to grill out, gather around a table, and enjoy the company of others outdoors, in the comfort of your own backyard.

Deciding on a Backyard Landscaping Budget

Deciding on your backyard landscape budget will depend on how much you’re willing to spend in the name of luxurious relaxation and privacy. Your backyard can either be an oasis, or it can be an exposed eyesore attached to the back of your house. If you’re having a tough time deciding on your landscaping budget, Landscape GT has made it easy by giving you plans to browse and match with your preferences.

If the preference is not to take on such a project by oneself, call a qualified landscape designer to install a beautiful backyard landscape today.