Best Patio Accessories for Your Summer Parties!

Best Patio Accessories for Your Summer Parties!

If it is possible in today’s daily living to be indoors and enjoy a wireless environment, we wonder why anyone would restrict an outdoor experience. We believe that enclosure need not be synonymous with stifling or oppressive. Key concepts to a most agreeable patio or outdoor room are versatility, comfort, and functionality.

Versatility includes how many different ways your space can be used. When can it be used? How does it need to look? How often does this need to change?

Comfort includes the number of people the space can accommodate. Do you need to maximize patio space? How should this space feel, physically and emotionally?

Functionality includes types of activities you have planned for your space. Who are you entertaining? What all does entertaining them involve?

Patio Accessories

– Versatility – The chosen patio accessories are going to contribute the most to color scheme, theme, and overall presentation of your backyard space. The color and style of pillows and cushions are bases for change in appearance. We recommend trying different types of lighting like torches, candles, lanterns, or string lights to create singular styles to your liking. Portable and hanging accessories, like pot holders and utensils for grilling, help to maximize space.

– Comfort – Types of pillows and cushions also add to the feel of your space. We can help you to decide what fabric is best, as well as the appropriate sizes and styles. Insect control and shading are a big part of comfort on your patio. There are many ways to take care of annoying bugs with repellent candles, screening, and electronic devices that lure the pests away from you and your guests. Shading can only improve and increase the amount of time you get to spend outdoors. Umbrellas and awnings are obvious fixes for this problem.

– Functionality – Whether your space is going to be used for intimate gatherings or large affairs, we can suggest multiple ways to get the most out of it. Redecorating your space is only a part of changing the many functions for which it can be used. We understand that the functionality of space includes whether it occupies grass, dirt, pavement, wood deck, or a combination of any other flooring, and have wonderful ideas to connect or separate them as you see fit.

Patio Furniture

patio furniture

– Versatility – We do not expect you to buy patio furniture every time you want to rearrange your space, but using portable furniture can only help. Extra tables and chairs will give you the ability to accommodate unexpected guests or even try new activities. An additional table leaf or two is also an easy way to improve how accommodating your space can be. The types of furniture used will also speak to the aesthetics, for there are significant differences between a standing chair and a reclining lounger.

– Comfort – We suggest fixed and portable pieces to suit your needs. If you prefer not to have an umbrella as the centerpiece of your tables, then we suggest free standing, attached, or portable umbrellas and awnings for your daytime comfort. They will allow you to play games, eat, and converse without having to find a way around an umbrella pole. They may all be used close to the house or farther out in the yard. The type of flooring will also play a part in determining what type of seating is best. Sometimes it may be a simple matter of being able to get out of it once a person is in it that makes all the difference in the world.

– Functionality – Portable tables and chairs for games and other activities are ideal for bigger and smaller groups to gather around on your patio. Keep your space as open as possible by using only the furniture you need for the activities you want. Choose from a barbecue or fireplace pit as well as a grill, all of which can be fixed or portable to suit your personal tastes.

We believe that your signature outdoor space should be in your handwriting; you should think a little more you and a little less standard or conventional. We want you to look at your space and determine what it needs to become yours. We do not recommend trying to fit someone else’s vision into your space, and we mean that literally and metaphorically. Your assessment of your space is crucial to the vision of the project. Whether your space is strictly private or meant to be shared with others, we can help you to achieve the look and feel you want.

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