Best Patio Materials: An Explanation of Patio Surfaces

Best Patio Materials: An Explanation of Patio Surfaces

When you are constructing a patio, it can be overwhelming when you have so many choices to make at every stage. Even if you’re prepared, there’s probably a lot of things that come up that you just could not have anticipated. Taking the time to make strong decision at the very beginning can give you the confidence you need to keep going for anything else that comes up along the way. The pros at GT Design & Landscapes are happy to share with you the pros and cons of each material you might choose for your patio. Keep in mind that the right kind of patio can really up your resale value, so you’re looking at not just initial costs but potential pay-off as well down the line. Your imagination can take any of these four choices to new heights of aesthetic and cohesion in your backyard. And don’t forget about the role a patio plays in bringing family and friends together in your very own backyard!

Stone Patio Material

Flagstone, limestone, bluestone, slate: whatever you choose, stone looks great and keeps your home connected to the most basic elements of the earth. You have a lot of design and color choices which means you can adapt the look to your taste. However, it does tend to be a tad pricey since it typically comes straight from the quarry and it’s a labor-intensive process to lay the stone. Each one has its own level of thickness, so the bed will have to be adjusted to make the stone level.  One general rule is to try to match the stone type to your home type, so if you already have slate in your residence, then use slate in your patio.

Brick Patio Material

brick patio example in minnesota

Brick has a classic look and it can be cost-effective in terms of the actual installation. There are different types of brick, so you can easily pick your favorite styles. It’s durable and able to withstand abuse from patio accessories; however, when you think long-term, it may not be the most effective choice. It retains moisture and can crack in the snow. Moss can be a major issue in both shade and sun (though worse in the shade.) It can make your patio too slippery to walk on safely, especially if you have kids. However, if you live in an area of perpetual sun, then it could still be a good consideration for your home.

Concrete Patio Material

Concrete gets a bad rap, and not for unjustifiable reasons. A grey slab of concrete is not fun to walk on, and not very visually appealing. This basic surface is typically used when people have a very low budget, but there are ways to make it look a nicer with a stamped coating that gives it a more natural feel. You’ll need to reapply the coating every two years, so if you’re not big on home maintenance then you might want to stay away from this option. You can also add pieces of glass and experiment with the coloring to create your own pattern.

Paving Stones Patio Material

Just like sidewalks, there are so many choices in terms of how pavers can look in your home. Curve angles, circles, shades: it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll find something you appreciate. These are becoming popular choices across all budget types due to their efficiency and ease of installation. You can even buy kits which from DIY stores which can help you put down whichever paving stones you choose.


Similar to some of the other materials, tile can be extremely attractive and there are a lot of options on the market for it. They vary widely in price and quality, from snap-on wood-like tiles to expensive ceramic. Tile is meant to withstand a lot of foot traffic which is certainly a benefit you want in a patio, but certain ones will crumble with the exposure to a lot of moisture.

There’s a lot of ways to create the patio of your dreams, and a lot of things to do before you get to your end goal. Learn as much as you can before you reach the breaking point of information overload, and then make the informed decisions so you ensure both your wallet and sanity will thank you later. Also, look to reviews from people who have had their patios for years to see how they have survived over time.

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