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Plants with Purpose | Mentha (Mint)

Welcome to a new series on GT Design & Landscapes Blog- Plants with Purpose. This is a place where we will introduce you to and share the advantages of different plant species that grown well in Minnesota. There are numerous reasons to incorporate plants into your landscape design, this series will help you be a bit more strategic in the selection process.



Mentha Spicata

Mentha Spicata

Mentha (Mint)

Mint is a great plant to incorporate into your herb garden, around your patio area in the soil or in a planter. Mint is a perennial and very resilient even after a cold Minnesota winter. This plant requires minimal care and will do best in a spot with plenty of sunlight. These plants have a tendency to take over, so be intentional about where and how you plant.

The plant has bright green toothed leaves that sometimes can be described as fuzzy and purple, pink or white flowers.  You can harvest the mint a couple times per season by cutting back stems to one to two inches from the ground right before flowering.

The plant has a pleasant aromatic property.  The beautiful smell of Peppermint is said to keep mice away. Spearmint is used in both the kitchen and for medicinal purposes. Harvest the leaves all at once or pluck as needed.

We’re looking forward to plucking a few spearmint leaves for a refreshing mojito on a hot summer’s day. Check out this recipe for a blueberry mojito:

GT_Blueberry Mojito

Photo Credit: Mentha Spicata Bad Alley via photopin cc
Photo Credit: Mentha agelakis via photopin cc

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