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Best Ideas for Swimming Pool Landscaping

Best Ideas for Swimming Pool Landscaping

Get a head start when creating a high interest landscape look for around your luxury pools this spring and summer. Enjoy luxurious foliage, with renewed hardscaping ideas that pack a fabulous punch of color!

Green Foliage for your Pool Landscape

If your foliage is looking a bit overgrown after the winter, this is the perfect time to give your pool plants a good trim while your pool cover is still protecting your pool. Many homeowners enjoy using a garden plotting software program to set up their plants before purchasing them; you can design your pool area, and pool house landscape with the sunlight path in mind. Sun-loving plants need to be out front to catch the most rays, and you can use taller plant to shadow plants that need less sunlight. Another consideration is color patterns, combine good color combinations according to whether you love muted tone combinations or brilliant color contrasts. Bring tropical-themed family fun pools to life with brilliant purples, oranges, and hot pinks or fuchsia colored flowering bushes, against a backdrop of deep greens and lime green foliage with interesting large leaves. For a more sophisticated look of classic elegance, use a repetitive pattern of deep greens, and lots of white flowers in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, add exotic grasses and large leaf tropical greenery.

Mulch Around Your Pool

Once you select your garden theme and design to surround your luxury pools, you can decide if you want to repeat the same pattern of plants to match the areas leading to and around your pool house. If the purpose of your landscape in this area is to provide more privacy, you might decide to use larger versions of the same plants, or just mimic the color scheme with greenery that provides more screening. An essential way to tie in all of your landscaping areas is by using the same texture, and color of mulch materials around the property. The best thing about using mulch is the benefits mulch has for adding nutrients into the soil to keep your plants robust. Much keeps the temperature and moisture of the soil uniform, and it prevents erosion of soil as well. These types of mulch include finely shredded compost and the red tone shredded wood mulch that contrasts beautifully with green foliage and concrete colors. In addition to nutrient advantages, natural mulch cover is protective of your plant environments, and the eye appeal is the perfect finish to make your plant life areas look crisp and neat. For a statelier, formal appearance, use the black dyed mulch for great contrast. The dark color makes your garden look cooler and more shady and helped colorful flowers really stand out. It takes very little upkeep to ensure your pool area continues to look pristine, once you have mulch in place, because mulching also prevents the invasion of new weeds or unwanted growth. Mulch products have many benefits and purposes for your landscape, and it is an affordable option. Consider purchasing mulch in bulk quantities, instead of individual bags to save on the cost. Mulch will enhance the look of your luxury pools and protect your investment of plants, shrubs, and tropical plants. Keep in mind little, or large, bare feet running around the pool areas, the best mulch for these areas would be small or large rounded stone. The look of river jack pebbles or smooth stones is a bit rustic, with natural mixed colors that accent luxury pools and planting areas. You can use a variety of sized rocks to prevent wind blowing your mulch into your lovely pool and keep rain water in place while it drains. This is a great way to keep your plant’s roots moist and cooler in the summer heat. For an additional layer of protection, you can start with a layer of compost screened topsoil mix, or regular topsoil before the decorative mulch. This adds an insulation of nutrients to last the season, and it is going to stay in place where the plants need it beneath the top layer of mulch dressing. pool landscape The amazing transition you will see in your pool pictures will make these professional touches more than worth a few extra minutes in your poolside gardens. Everyone wants to feature their pool areas during this time of year when the barbecues, swim parties, and outdoor activities bring family and friends to your yard. Family fun pools with attractive eye appeal will be the height of social activity this year. People will be drawn to your pool house area if you have added an element of foliage privacy, instead of running back and forth through your house when they are wet.

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