Everything You Need For The Perfect Spring Landscape

March 20th,  marks the first day of spring. As the frigid temperatures and grey skies of winter become a distant memory, you’ll likely be ready for some quality outdoor time. Is your exterior space ready for spring? Do you know what you really want from your lawn? Tackling your planning and to-do lists at the beginning of spring will ensure that your exterior will look its best by growing season. By following a few advanced planning tips, you can enjoy a luxurious lawn this spring and beyond.

Planning Ahead, Assesing Your Landscape’s Needs and Wants

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Will your lawn be used for rowdy football games, naps on a hammock or elegant garden parties? When evaluating your priority list for residential landscaping services, it’s helpful to have some clear ideas in mind. Think about how your family utilizes the lawn. What features do you have in place now and what is missing? If you’ll be hosting informal backyard events this year, fireplace installation might be high on your priority list. If you enjoy quiet retreats, it might be time to plant a garden or build a gazebo. Take the time to really think about what you want from your outdoor spaces and communicate this vision to your landscaping experts.

What fragrances, shapes and colors make you happy? Your lawn is an extension of your home. Having a beautifully landscaped exterior not only increases the value of your property, it creates a healthy, relaxing outdoor environment for you and your family. Envision landscaping, hardscapes and features that compliment your home’s exterior. Whether your home is sleek and modern or classic and traditional, integrating the right greenery and hardware features will add to your overall curb appeal. The perfect lawn combines artistry and function and, most importantly, puts a smile on your face.

If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas, seek inspiration from home and garden magazines, the internet and your neighbors. Map out your ideas and share them with your landscaping expert. Spring is the perfect time to plan for growth!

Create Your Springtime Landscaping To-Do List

It’s likely that your outdoor spaces need some rehabilitation after the harsh winter months. Make arrangements now for debris removal. Clearing your home’s exterior of leaves, twigs and other outdoor debris will serve as a good starting point for your springtime prep work. A clear lawn with full access to sunshine, fresh air and water has a greater chance of remaining healthy as the year progresses than one that is suffocating from debris. Survey any winter damage to your lawn and decorative plants. Should any plant skeletons be removed? Which bushes need to be pruned? Early spring is also a good time to tidy up your trees. Take down any stakes or wires that are attached to your newly planted trees and remove any protective coverings.

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If you own a pool, it should be thoroughly and properly cleaned before use. Your pool care professional should check your pump and all related equipment. You should also have the water chemistry professionally inspected. Test the pool’s lighting and systems. Look for cracks in the pool’s exterior and for any signs of leakage. Check the areas around the pool for slip hazards. Schedule regular pool maintenance so that your family enjoys a clean, safe summer of swimming.

Water features such as ponds and fountains should also be prepped for spring. Surface cleaning is a must, but your water features may also need to be pumped or vacuumed. Using the appropriate chemicals is very important, especially if your water feature is home to plants or fish, so consult your landscaping expert before adding any new materials to your water feature.

Early spring is also a great time to give your patio and walkways some extra attention. Snow shovels, freezing temperatures and moisture can cause damage to your patio, walkways and outdoor furniture. Have the patio and walkways power washed and scrubbed and your furniture and accessories cleaned. Different furniture types require different cleaning methods, so plan accordingly. Check your patio and walkways for signs of damage, safety concerns and trip hazards. Prep your grill and outdoor appliances for use. Inspect your grill for loose screws and check fuel lines and hoses for leaks. Thoroughly clean all of its parts and remove any food debris and dust. Make sure that you have plenty of available seating, lighting and storage so that your patio will be ready for springtime entertaining.

Here: Use our Spring Landscaping Checklist!

  1. De-winterize your lawn care equipment and make any tune ups or adjustments.
  2. Rake left over deposits from fall or debris from winter, unless it’s well composted.
  3. Apply pre-emergent weed killer.
  4. Fill in bare spots with fertilizer.
  5. Fertilize your lawn, apply slow-release fertilizer to encourage healthy long-term growth.
  6. Aerate the lawn.
  7. Prune any shrubs, bushes or trees.
  8. Edge sidewalks, retaining walls and garden beds.
  9. Mulch weed-prone areas like those around tree bases.
  10. refresh old, worn mulch.
  11. Plant flowers that were started from seeds indoors, or plant seeds.
  12. Mow the lawn.

Be Prepared. What You’ll Need to Consider For Springtime 

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What is the current state of your lawn? Preparing your lawn for the spring season and beyond might require giving it a little tender loving care. Determine the present condition of your lawn and incorporate any necessary repairs and adjustments into your landscape planning process. Are there any brown or dead patches? Are there any signs of pest infestation? Look around for the presence of weeds, fungus, pests or diseased and decayed plants. Check your trees for broken limbs and leaf decay. Inspect your fencing and trellises for signs of damage and make arrangements for repairs and touch-ups. If you are unsure if a plant is dead, your landscape expert can give you advice. It might be helpful to take notes or snap a few photos of your lawn.

What are your environmental concerns? If maintaining an eco-friendly lawn is important to you, research grass types that are compatible with the Minneapolis climate and will minimize your overall carbon footprint. Establish how much water your landscaping will need. Would you like to add more greenery or invest in environmentally friendly landscape features? Taking advantage of native plants can make your lawn more environmentally friendly. If you or any of your family members suffer from allergies, asthma or plant sensitivities, share this with your landscape professionals. There are many options that can make your yard more allergy friendly. Advance planning and careful consideration can keep you and your lawn healthy.

Decide now how much lawn maintenance you are willing to live with. This will help you to determine the scope of your spring landscaping projects. You may be planning some upgrades, or maybe it’s time to downsize. Clearly understanding and communicating your budget and any time constraints to your landscape professionals will go a long way toward guaranteeing that you will end up with the lawn that’s just right for you and your family. Establish a maintenance schedule and don’t forget to include your hardscapes and walkways.

plantingsTake a good look at your irrigation system. Can it handle its current needs of your landscaping or are upgrades needed? Examine your sprinklers for any leaks or traces of decay. Survey your greenery to ensure that the proper moisture levels can be maintained.

Have you or your neighbors experienced pest control problems in the past? How significant were these problems and how likely are they to return in the future? What nutrients does your lawn need and how much fertilizing will be required to get it back in shape? A little bit of prevention now can save a great deal of hassle tomorrow.

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy Your Spring Landscaping!

Investing some time in planning now will ensure that your lawn is ready for spring, summer and beyond. Advanced preparation will protect your landscaping and prevent future hassles. Rushing in to major landscape changes can lead to disaster. Taking the time to put together a lawn care plan is well worth the investment. Work with a professional landscape expert who can offer practical solutions to common challenges and suggest the best options. Don’t wait long to start preparing. Getting a head start on your springtime lawn updates is the key to having a luxurious warm weather lawn. Now sit back and enjoy your fabulous springtime lawn!