Landscaping FAQ's

Frequently Asked Landscaping Questions

What areas do you service?

We service Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Edina, Eden Prairie, Long Lake, Wayzata, Afton, Excelsior and the surrounding neighborhoods. Landscaping and construction can be arranged out-of-state by request.

Competitors of GT Design and Landscape offer landscaping designs at no charge. Why don’t you?

We believe in creating the perfect design for you, your family and your property – a design that includes the smallest of details and will minimize sudden issues and interruptions during the build phase. Our landscape designers and architects put in a great deal of time, energy and expertise in order to bring you a truly personalized design.

Our competitors don’t charge customers at the design stage because they breeze through this process to increase their chances of getting the project, only to re-coop the cost of the design during the build phase. Our absolute goal is to do the best job from the very beginning. We charge a market-rate fee for the service, and if/when you approach us to move forward with the build phase, the full cost of the design is deducted from the final invoice.

Does your team have a landscape architect?

Yes, we believe it is a strategic move to be qualified in both design and architectural landscaping.
GT Design and Landscapes constructs mainly residential projects, but some projects happen to be very large in nature. Landscape architects, often schooled in engineering and architecture, typically work on projects larger than residential properties such as planning building location, roads, and public walkways. A few of our custom-home builders call on us to help plan out large properties with several buildings, drives, sport courts and pools and patio. Contact us today to ensure that you have the right person for the job.

My neighbors were truly amazed with your work, your employee’s work ethic, and the separate construction crews. Can I request the same crews for my yard?

We will make every attempt to make arrangements for specific foremen, crew members, and sales staff up request. Please bear in mind that all of our experts come with excellent references, if we are unable to pull team members away from previous commitments.

Do you have a nursery or retail outlet?

No, GT Design and Landscapes focuses on providing design and installation services. We believe in finding and maintaining relationships with suppliers whom provide the highest quality materials, while keeping our pricing competitive. We have long-standing relationships with several local nurseries, quarries, paver suppliers, farms along with many other vendors.

We had a patio installed last summer by another contractor and it’s already cracking and shifting. We can’t get in touch with the previous contractor OF COURSE. We invited an inspector over to view the problem and he told us we need to have it re-poured. If we use GT Design and Landscapes this time, what can you do to make our patio last longer?

GT Design and Landscapes installs patios, walkways, and steps with a minimum base of 12-inches of class 5 crushed gravel followed by brick sand. The granular base is compacted in 3-4inch lifts. Once the patio stones are in place, we complete the patio by filling the cracks with polymeric sand to prevent the stones from shifting, as well as future weed growth. Our team knows how to deliver the best quality, with long-lasting results.

Check out GT Design and Landscapes Warranty. We are proud to offer an industry-leading warranty for concrete work, especially considering Minnesota’s harsh climate. Give us a call to see what we can do for you.

How can I reduce the noise and disruption the construction is going to cause to my family and neighborhood?

Landscaping is typically messy and bothersome, involving large piles of dirt, gravel and materials on your driveway or lawn. This can also involve large vehicles and construction equipment on your property or your street along with sometimes loud and noisy machinery moving around. Without a doubt, your peace and quiet will be interrupted here and there.

We realize that this is likely to happen, so we are as proactive as possible to protect your peace and quiet. Here are a few things that we can do:

To help minimize the disturbance, you may consider having the project scheduled when you require little use of your yard. We often recommend the autumn as the best time, since your time outside is reduced and the ground isn’t yet frozen.

We coordinate a time to let your neighbors know of your plans and the construction schedule, whether it be a knock on the door or by way of a flyer. That way there are no surprises if construction gets a little noisy or unsightly. Once the job is complete, invite your neighbors and family over – they will appreciate your new paradise!

How do I make sure the landscape design will suit us?

Good question! We recommend that our clients take the necessary time to think about what they want from their outdoor space before contacting the experts at GT Design and Landscapes:

Having general ideas about the aforementioned questions will help our designers incorporate features you’ll appreciate, in the correct layout and even in the right order. Give us a call today if you have any questions or concerns.

Is it preferred to build in stages or all at once?

We do recommend that the overall design is done as a complete plan; this will ensure the flow of the space and suitability for your property. It is also a good idea to do the building all at once. If we have to complete a project in your back yard, this usually means we have to enter through the front, and in most cases we have to repair the front yard. Repairs tend to drive construction costs up. However, if the plan is to develop your property in a few phases, we will help you in planning the stages in the most economical way possible.