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Patio design

The first step in patio design is to survey the lot and your home to assess their dimensions. This way you will know how much material you will need, what type of design compliments your home, the shape of your yard and what best suits your lifestyle. Finishing for the patio, stained shellac, epoxy, etc. should be chosen with color and durability in mind. Also consider the reaction that these building materials will have to weather change and climate. If you seek the aid of a professional, be sure they are certified and follow all of the building codes. The safety of your structure must be insured as it is an elevated structure.

Our luxury patio installation services in Wayzata are custom-built to fill your wildest landscape desires. With elegant stone choice and strong masonry work, our team helped this client create a backyard landscape fit for royalty. Cobblestone-esque elements combined with smooth granite stone create a modern design with a vintage twist. A huge garden, flower beds and foliage additions transports the home from suburbia to the forest, while the stone wall with custom oak door and tall trees give the home a private feeling. To top it off, a custom-built pergola lets those enjoy the patio underneath in shady style. Click through the gallery above to see the real work of our expert GT Landscaping team.

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