Front Yard Landscaping Packages

Your property frontage is one of the most effective places to invest your money to improve the look of your home. It increases your property value* and makes you feel great about your home. So put your best foot forward and landscape your front yard!

Choose from one of the following suites of front yard landscape packages to discover what’s possible with your property and budget.

15-30k front yard landscaping
30-60k front yard landscaping
60k plus front yard landscaping

Deciding on a front yard landscaping budget includes consideration of the ground cover, landscape placement, plantings, and the use of stone landscaping, driveway landscaping, and accessories.

Front Yard Stone Landscaping

Strategically placing stones to outline landscape areas makes a front yard attractive. If the home is on sloping terrain, stones are effective as short-height retaining walls to terrace the front yard. This creates a signature look and stops soil erosion from water run-off.

For low-maintenance front yards consider using beautiful gravel pebbles or decorative rock instead of grass. There many colors and textures, in rock, stone, pea gravel, wood chips, and other materials available. No need to worry about maintenance or upkeep; these yards need less care and remain attractive for decades.

One great look is to combine stone landscaping around trees and bushes with colored rock used to cover the larger areas. The idea is to provide a short retaining wall to hold in planting soil where needed and cover the rest of the front yard with colored rock. One of the nicest things about colored rock is after winter snow thaws the color is still there. There is no need to wait for grass to grow or plants to come back to life.

On the other hand, if more grass is appropriate, the reverse pattern is also beautiful, where the green grass mixes with patches of bright stone held by short retaining walls around the base of trees. A very attractive look is bright green grass offset by white stone in certain areas.

Driveway Landscaping

Decorating the driveway with landscaping is a wonderful way to make the home look better, because this attracts the eyes. Choices include flowerpots, stone walls, lights and more. Imagine you just got married and you arrive at your new house. Just like flower garlands strewn at wedding ceremonies, driveway landscaping adds that extra-special touch to make you feel welcome.

Lawn Accessories and Things That Catch the Eye

Using attractive lawn accessories is another way to increase curb appeal. This does not mean simply placing a lawn gnome, plastic flamingos, or a tiny horse jockey in the front yard. Most people consider those things tacky, so it may be best to avoid them.

What has not gone out of style is using raised flowerbeds, plants or trees in decorative pots, and having a classic wishing well. The recommendation is to keep to a central theme, using complimentary colors, plantings that look good together, and use accessories sparingly. An example of an attractive combination would be using a small antique wood cart, full of bright flowers in terra cotta pots, sitting in the middle of a raised flowerbed. Use something like this to catch the eye, but do not make the front of the house look like a cartoon.

Landscape Design Professionals

Consulting with a landscape designer is the best way to get started. Use a combination of sketchpads, things printed from the Internet, clippings from home and garden magazines, and graph paper to layout the placement of different things, and help make color choices. Be sure to consider the changes caused by the seasons and the maintenance required to keep the landscaping in top shape year round. Some people love to garden and enjoy being outside in the yard doing so. For others, the exact opposite is true. As a rule, high-maintenance landscaping is not value-added when the home goes on the market for sale. For the best curb appeal, attractive landscaping that needs moderate or low maintenance is the goal.