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Living near the water in Excelsior, Minnesota is a breathtaking experience no matter the weather or the season. Whether you own an older house in the area or a newer one, there’s surely some improvements that you’re likely waiting to get around to. However, there just never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done, even on the weekends. Whenever you sit outside by the water though and see your bare, naked lawn or a formerly green space full of wilted flowers and other dead plants, you remind yourself to finally start working on your property.

At GT Design and Landscaping, you can enjoy the gorgeous property that you’ve always coveted. Whether you want just your front yard or back yard remodeled or you need a whole-house improvement, GT Design and Landscaping can re-imagine your landscape in ways you never dreamed possible. You can also get additions to your house like a swimming pool or a patio that will make those lazy summer days that much more enjoyable. Once the weather cools down, a fireplace will keep you warm as you take in the dazzling views of your improved home.

My husband and I just moved to Excelsior, where our landscaping needed a huge update. We contacted GT first, and they finished up our project in the blink of an eye. We couldn’t be happier with our choice!

~Carl and Jenn Brewer

The kids can’t get enough of our brand new pool, and I am loving the privacy of my outdoor kitchen! We will be calling again in the spring to get the rest of the yard up to the same standards!

~Trapp Family

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