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When purchasing or renovating a home, whether it be a new construction or has been in the family for over a hundred years, the interior of the house is usually the item on the “Things to Do” home improvement list that takes up the most mental concentration and physical energy of the home owners. The immediate exterior of the house is usually the second most concentration for change and/or improvement. Landscaping, unfortunately, for some home owners, is not a high priority on their list of home improvements – and for these suburban properties in Minnetonka, it easily will show.

Maintaining the epitome of beauty and style that is the region of Minnetonka through sharp, focused landscape design is what GT Design and Landscape is best at. The design, construction and coordination teams here at GT Landscape take great pride in transforming run-down plots of turf, rock, and dirt into inspirational and artistic landscape masterpieces. We, as a business and your neighbor, take the art of designing your property, client communication and phase of actual construction very seriously. If you’ve recently moved into a new home, you now have the two luxuries: getting to choose a landscape of your own, and having a luxury landscape team to do all the work for you – GT Landscape & Design in Minnetonka!

My husband and I recently purchased a luxury home in Minnetonka. The yard was too bland, so I went to GT for help. We always wanted a yard we could call our own private getaway… The GT crew really delivered!

~Westin Family

Excellent work on our pool installation for our Minnetonka home! Can’t wait for our deck to be installed in a couple months!

~Carver Family

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