Landscape Design Packages

The possibilities are endless…

We understand that every yard and every customer are different.
There are a multitude of things to consider when designing a landscape and there are many options which impact the outcome and the price. It can be a little overwhelming at times. We design and build landscapes for all kinds of families with different needs, different interests and different budgets.

Choose from one of the following suites of landscape packages to discover what’s possible with your property and budget.


Your property frontage is one of the most effective places to invest your money to improve the look of your home. It increases your property value* and makes you feel great about your home. So put your best foot forward!
$15k-30k Package


$30k-60k Package


$60k+ Package


Your backyard can be a place to entertain with style or relax in peace. LandscapeGT will create a space you won’t ever want to leave. Your perfect getaway destination can really be just a few steps away.
$15k-40k Package


$40k-75k Package


$75k-110k Package


$110k-150k Package


$150k+ Package


If you’ve just purchased a new home or are looking to rejuvenate an older property, our full makeover packages are sure to inspire you. Our ideas will get you started, but don’t let us stop you there. The sky is the limit.
$75k+ Package