Front Yard Landscaping $60k+

Home Sweet Home

Home is where your family’s story begins. When we spend a lot of time away, there truly is no greater feeling then when you arrive home from a long day’s work. GT Design and Landscapes aims to provide that feeling to our customers: the sensation of coming home to a property that’s truly stunning and comforting. We also aim to design unique landscapes that increase your home’s market price. That’s an investment you can feel comfortable making.

Our Hate to Leave package is an excellent illustration of the type of space you may achieve with our budgetary numbers. In most cases, we customize every project for the exact dream landscape you are looking for. Projects displayed below are great design examples of what you may want to achieve.


Paving Stone Driveway

When you look at your front yard, take into consideration the amount of space your driveway consumes. Then consider the amount it gets used.. Most of the time your driveway is clear of people or vehicles. That’s why GT Design and Landscapes looks at your driveway as a way to express your style.

With such a large selection of paving materials, your driveway can have a new style and elegance of its own.

Stone Driveway Border

Add value and appeal to your home with a stone border.


Natural Stone Walkway and Steps

The walkway and front steps to your front door is what makes your family and guest feel welcome to your home. It’s what leads the eye to the focal point of your home – the front door. Natural stone gives your front entrance lasting character, not to mention proven quality which makes your entrance beautiful and durable. Now that’s how you make others feel welcome!

Plantings, Greenery and Mulch

Beautiful blooming flowers and lush greenery are truly a pleasure to be around while you are taking in the beautiful summer air. A smart design on your property will give your space more fragrance, elevation, color, texture and privacy. Mulch can give your space a different sense of elevation, with an architectural look as well. Our associates will assist in selecting the perfect plants and mulch color to match your home’s unique style. Along with the beautiful plantings and mulch, we will install a new yard with only the best Kentucky Blue Grass the Midwest has to offer. Beautiful, lush and finely textured, Kentucky Blue Grass is the ultimate lawn most homeowners strive for.


Knee Wall

Define your front yard with texture and distinction through knee walls. It carries your home’s architectural element into your yard’s landscape. An exciting way to cast distinction and character to your home is adding accent walls to your yards radius, boarders, paths, and driveways.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can enhance your home’s most beloved features. Lighting can introduce a new and exciting look to the already gorgeous features of your home. Well-placed lighting can also increase your property’s safety and security.

Address Stone

You don’t want your guests getting lost on their way over to your party – or worse – your pizza getting cold because the delivery person had a difficult time finding your place. GT Design and Landcapes can install an address stone, which will elevate the look and feel of your property.