Full Property Landscape Packages

There really is no place like your home

Home is where the heart is – and GT Design and Landscapes can create a landscape that allows you to truly kick back and cherish time with your family. Make your home a dream escape where you and the people closest to you can create memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Full Luxury Living package is an excellent illustration of the type of space you may achieve with our budgetary numbers. In most cases, we customize every project for the exact dream landscape you are looking for. Projects displayed below are great design examples of what you may want to achieve:

Paving Stone Driveway with Boarder

When you look at your front yard, take into consideration the amount of space your driveway consumes. Then consider the amount it gets used.. Most of the time your driveway is clear of people or vehicles. That’s why GT Design and Landscapes looks at your driveway as a way to express your style.
With such a large selection of paving materials, your driveway can have a new style and elegance of its own.

Natural Stone Walkways, Steps, and Patio

The natural stone walkway, steps, and patio around your home is what makes your family and guest feel welcome. Stone tile imports the texture and beautiful colors from nature to your home and adds a great sense of comfort and warmth to your patio, walkway and steps. Now that’s how you make others feel welcome!

Pergolas, Pavilions, and Cabanas

GT Design and Landscapes constructs each pergola, pavilion or cabana custom to our clients’ exact visions. Uses for these structures are endless: storage areas, changing room, shaded bar, lavish lounging areas, or entertainment centers.

Outdoor Kitchen and Fire places

Get the grill warmed up, it’s time for some barbeque!! With our outdoor kitchen designs, cooking savory feasts becomes a party. After you’re done with your meal, gather around the fire to share stories or just to take in the sights of a beautiful summer evening.


Pools and Spas

A swimming pool enhances your home by adding an isolated paradise to relax and unwind in. It’s not just a change in scenery, it’s a change in lifestyle. It’s your personal waterpark for the kids to spend their summers or a convenient athletic area for you to swim a few laps in. It can also be the main attraction for any patio parties.

Nowadays, there is such a wide variety of shapes and styles – diving pools, leisure pools, zero entry pools, infinity pools, exercise pools, spas and more – that you have an endless possibility of pool options.
Ask one of our advisors what they think would be the perfect pool and landscape combination for your residence.


Outdoor Furniture

Outfitting your beautiful backyard with furniture is like placing a cherry on top of your ice cream sundae. We provide outdoor furniture that has an unsurpassed combination of exceptional quality, innovative design, and refined craftsmanship for your home. We understand the importance of creating an outdoor oasis that is both attractive and functional for you and those you entertain. Our furniture options range from couches, lounge chairs, lounge beds, large patio umbrellas, shade sails, bar stools, full dinning set, and even heaters (portable or stationary).

Plantings, Greenery and Mulch

Beautiful blooming flowers and lush greenery are truly a pleasure to be around while you are taking in the beautiful summer air. A smart design on your property will give your space more fragrance, elevation, color, texture and privacy. Mulch can give your space a different sense of elevation, with an architectural look as well. Our associates will assist in selecting the perfect plants and mulch color to match your home’s unique style. Along with the beautiful plantings and mulch, we will install a new yard with only the best Kentucky Blue Grass the Midwest has to offer. Beautiful, lush and finely textured, Kentucky Blue Grass is the ultimate lawn most homeowners strive for.


The key to a luscious landscape starts with the perfect home irrigation system. All your hard-earned money spent on beautiful grass, dazzling annuals, alluring perennials, majestic trees, and divine shrubs, is wasted if those plants don’t receive enough water to survive. Manual watering with a hose or sprinkler is possible, but it’s also time-consuming and can be overlooked when life gets demanding. Talk to one of our advisors to see what an irrigation system can do for your beautiful landscape.