Pool Installation Facts: A Few Things To Consider Before Buying

pool landscape in minnesota Water is a calming force and almost everyone appreciates the additional beauty it gives to a backyard, almost as much as the entertainment it provides. Pools often symbolize the lap of luxury for many people, and are associated with gorgeous summer days, barbeques with great friends, and childhood memories of ice cream and popsicles. It can be difficult to make the many decision needed though when it comes to installing a pool, and so the pool expert at GT Design & Landscapes are going to provide you with a few insights. Here are a few things to consider before installing a pool on your property.

Pools: What’s Your Case?

When people conjure up an image of a pool, they’re normally thinking of something that is inground. A well-maintained pool looks great and invites you to relax and cool off in private. Spoken from someone who has a private pool, I can tell you that they’re a great addition to your home functionally. It gets a ton of use in the summer, and swimming is so gentle on your joints you can do it forever. But, they’re also a lot of work, and a lot of responsibility. Too many trees, and you’ll spend more time skimming your pool than using it. Upkeep can be expensive to hire someone to do it, and it’s one of the first things overlooked on your to-do list if you choose to do the work yourself. If you have kids, you already know how quickly accidents can happen around water, so just be prepared to watch them when they’re swimming. Your children are also likely to be playing in the pool constantly, and you’ll most likely need to fence off the pool to keep outsiders from taking a dip. Inground pools are worth the effort for so many people, but they’re not for everyone.

Inground vs. Above Ground Pools

pool installation by GT design & landscape Above-ground pool are certainly much cheaper than the inground pools which is a huge bonus for people who just want to be able to relax a little in the summer without the extra stress of additional bills. Of course, they are the less permanent option of the two as well, and while there is upkeep, it’s not nearly as extensive as an indoor pool with all of the piping options to consider. If you’re considering buying an above ground pool, you have to make sure you have the yard space, as they tend to use up most of the backyard. They’re also built smaller, and they’re not as aesthetically pleasing as inground pools are, which doesn’t do much for adding to your home value. Inground pools, overall, offer more variety in design and materials, and will immediately add value to your home. It enhances your yard by adding a compelling landscaping element and creates a calming environment for you to lounge in and around. In terms of materials, there are tons of options, from concrete, vinyl or fiberglass that can be utilized in any which way. You have much more freedome with the style of your  inground pool liner. You can choose from classic blue and white, to personalized emblems, to glass tile, to almost anything else you can imagine. With your customized style glimmering in the water, you’ll have a pool that you can’t resist diving into.

Pool Design & Style

There are some great advances in pools, and the options are seemingly limitless. Choices give us variety, but too many choices can be overwhelming. Standard rectangular pools – while very purposeful and budget-friendly – may seem too generic for you. If you decide an inground pool is what you want, we encourage you to take advantage of the new technology and designs for more reasonable costs than when they first came on the market. Spas or hot tubs add another component to your pool, making you the envy of your neighborhood. Spas are often attached to your pool or possibly set just a bit off from the pool. The heat can be soothing for people with muscle pain or anxiety, or just a relaxing, therapeutic experience for anyone young and old to enjoy.

Vanishing-Edge Pools

vanishing edge pool example Vanishing-edge pools or infinity pools are extremely trendy right now. You’ve seen the pool pictures displaying them high on a hill and often right by the ocean, most likely at a celebrities house. But honestly, a modest backyard and a blue sky works just as well in creating the effect of a never-ending pool. They create the illusion that the water is falling off the horizon, and are pretty impressive to see in real life. You really want to consider the layout of your home and yard when deciding if this is the right thing for you. Another option is to have a type of pool with an area pool devoted just for lounging. This portion which only allows for a few millimeters of water, and it’s great to put a patio chair in to overlook the pool and relax. Toddlers can splash around and enjoy themselves while parents can stay close without having to get their hair wet.

Lap Pools

spool Lap pools are usually requested by the recreational swimmer, allowing them to do laps in their backyard whenever they wish. Lap pools are great for those trying to swim for health, fitness and their overall well-being. Normally, they’re long and thin with 3-4 lanes at around fifty feet long. Similar to diving pools, they require a skilled engineer for proper construction. Nowadays, lap pools can actually be built incredibly small and fitted with jets, creating a current that the person swims against. This create the sensation of swimming, kind of like how a treadmill mimicks the act of running.


spool pool A small pool is one of the most luxurious additions you can choose for your property. Different from a swimming pool, a spool is much smaller, and constructed with therapeutic qualities in mind. This type of pool is great for a small backyard, with a garden or another dominating landscape element, or for you’re someone who wants a pool, but doesn’t want to sacrifice the rest of their landscape. Also, if you’re not much of a swimmer, these pools can be made much more shallow for those just wanting a soothing lounge area.

Pool Shape: Fit Your Backyard

Choosing howto design your pool also comes with its own set of options. Rectangles are probably what people think of when they think inground pools, but of course there are circles and ovals too. Beyond the basic shapes, there are free-form pools which seem a little more coveted as they’re a little more pleasing to the eye. Roman style pools are rectangles but have the half circles at either end and remind you of some sort of painting. The grecian pools can do the same. Kidney shaped pools, L-shaped and geometric pools all offer their own benefits too. It all depends on how much space you want your pool to take up and what looks best to you. Try to at least scan the basic ones before making a decision and go with your gut instinct. Stairs can be somewhat unsung heros since most people aren’t concerning themselves too much with them, but they can really make a difference when looking at the cohesive design of your pool. Pay attention to the shape, number of steps and the overall ease of entering and exiting the pool.

Pool Add-Ons & Accessories

waterfall pool Pool installation also comes with it’s own set of options for add-ons. People who entertain often or spend a great deal of time in the pool will get the most out of water features like waterfalls or sputs. Waterfalls range from simple to elaborate and normally consist of a stone area at one end of the pool with the water then flowing into the overall structure. They give the impression of a sunken pool. Spouts are a little less extravagant, but still fun. They’re typically located on the sides of the pool above the water and can be easily switched on and off. Spouts give the impression of a sunken pool, and either option can prove an attractive choice, depending on the look you want. Custom add-ons are also always an option. If you have kids, there’s no doubt that they would love the thrill and excitement of a pool slide. Imagine your little ones climbing up a kid-friendly slide and shooting down into the water, emerging with a beaming smile on their face. Basketball hoops provide huge entertainment for any sports fanatic, while kickboard races will have your kids pooped by the end of just a few laps. Don’t forget about the floats for mom and dad! Nothing says relaxation like kicking back on a foam or inflatable float in your pool with a margarita to beat the summertime heat.

Pool Landscaping

There are many different building materials you can use for your pool. Concrete has a reputation for being common and boring, but that’s just untrue. It’s extremely practical and less expensive, yes, but there’s no reason why it has be unattractive either. If you go this route, you can also reallocate the money you would have spent on a more expensive material to beautify the perimeter landscape of the pool. Another choice in pool deck material is flagstone. Flagstones are red and grey stones of different shapes that create a more organic look. Flagstone is a very popular option for pool decks, and can last longer than a decade without much maintenance or repair. Make sure the flagstone you are getting is real, however, as fake flagstone will chip and flake much more easily. Consider that flagstone is also an “uneven” stone, meaning that if you’ll have a lot of kids running around the pool, the chances of a fall increase. pool deck material example Ledgerocks provide yet another option for your pool deck. These stones come in a variety of shapes and sizes, are 4-sided, and shades of brown and red. They’re arranged so warm colors and cool colors please the eyes. This natural material fits seamlessly along the edge of the pool to create a nice ledge. Ledgerock is a term that’s loosley used in the landscaping industry, it’s available in slate, limestone, granite, marble and many other stone types. Consider as well the amount of trees around your yard. Lots of trees mean lots of privacy, and of course the whole point of putting in a pool is for convenience as well as having the option to swim without distractions. Frond plants or evergreens will limit your clean-up time, and they allow for more sunlight. This means you’ll probably spend less money on heating if the summer runs a little cooler than normal. Oaks or maples create dense blockage if you want more peace. Pools mean reflection, so added flowers mean color all over your backyard. A good landscaper can craft a vision for your space and implement all of the petals, plants and foliage to coordinate with your pool.

Pools Are All Around Summer Fun!

When considering whether or not to take the plunge and get a pool, keep in mind what you and your family and friends like to do. Beyond your standard Marco Polo, there are a lot of ways to enjoy pool games to enjoy when they weather heats up. Everyone can enjoy much fun in the sun playing games like water volleyball. You can install a basketball hoop for your future NBA star. Diving, racing, handstands and cannon-balls keep kids occupied, and they’ll love competing with their friends. Beach balls put the party front and center and can spice up any gathering. And, of course, floatation lounges allow you to read a book, sip a cocktail, and skim the surface with your fingertips as you coast along. Cool pools are always full of people enjoying the water. There are definitely things to think about for your pool, but it doesn’t have to be a hard decision or difficult process. You don’t need to put a qualifier on why you like something. You make your choices based on your own preferences, and just keep the end result in mind if things get tough!