Signature Minnesota Luxury Landscapes

Close your eyes and drift away. You’re relaxing in a beautiful cabana, with an ice cold drink next to you, surrounded by sun-soaked landscape. Let yourself drift off to the gentle breeze and sounds of summer all around – family giggling from the pool, birds singing in the distance, and your favorite tunes quietly playing in the background. Can you smell the T-Bone on the grill?

This is Your Backyard

This is your domain, enhanced by the Home Resort Advisors at GT Design and Landscapes. We help create outdoor living spaces for your family, so you can enjoy spending more time with the people you care about the most.

Let Us Free Your Time

Why not make the most of your time with your family and loved ones? Nothing keeps family close to home like a beautiful pool, pavilion and outdoor kitchen. A beautifully landscaped yard with room to host will allow you to keep your family where it belongs: close to you.

Ready for Some ME Time?

Is your ideal escape a private, shady spot where you can sit back and relax? Do you dream of lounging in the sun by the cool water? Or maybe you envision yourself in a spa-like arrangement that will heal your body and soul. No matter what your “me” time looks like, GT Design and Landscapes is the company that knows how to create the perfect landscape for you. GT makes your escape as simple as opening your patio door.

A Relaxing Start to the Day

Before running out the door to wrestle traffic, take an alternate route through your back door with your morning java. Take a minute or two to enjoy the morning melody of nature. Feed the dog some treats while you play fetch. Take it all in. That’s better. Now go take on the day!

Gather with Your Friends

After a long week, you relish in the fact of getting together with friends. Why not invite them over for some BBQ. Catch up around the patio with some wine. Toast to great food, fun friends, and good times. Then jump in the pool for a cool down.

Designing Your Beautiful Resort

Looking to collect ideas on how to change your backyard into a luxury getaway? Having trouble visualizing the finished project? Our creative team and expert designers can help. We have the knowhow, skill, and leadership expertise to layout a customized landscape plan to fit your lifestyle. Put our Home Resort Advisors to the test; we promise you won’t be disappointed. Visit design the perfect resort.

Building Your Escape

GT Design and Landscape is committed to making your yard look like a tranquil resort. Our tradesmen and crews are highly qualified, experienced, and passionate about what they do. That means they take the time to construct your dream landscape, right down to the very last detail. That also means you will enjoy your patio, outdoor room, kitchen, and landscape for years to come. Learn more on building your escape page.

Stress and Vacationing

When you think of the stress brought on by travelling away for a vacation, you probably think of flight hassles and traffic jams, right? Well studies now show that there’s even more anxiety and stress involved.

The majority of people struggle with significant post-vacation blues while they adjust to getting back into their normal routine. To make matters worse, most report that their actual vacation is interrupted by anxious feelings about it ending.

Well, that’s just sad. And so unnecessary when you could have the most beautiful resort-like experiences anytime you’d like, by just going outside your backdoor. No waiting for holiday time, no after-holiday blues, no need to stress.When you think of vacationing and the happiness it brings…think again? Studies now show that there is no direct correlation with taking a vacation and being happier. In fact the happiest people get is there anticipation of the vacation.

The majority of people studied struggle with post vacation depression while they adjust to getting back into the swing of things. Even worse yet, most of the individual’s in the studies report that the actual vacation is interrupted by stressful feelings about it ending.
It’s just sad. And so unnecessary when you and your family could have the most beautiful resort experience anytime you would like, by just stepping foot in your backyard. No waiting for vacation time, no after vacation depression, no need for the stress.