Minnesota Landscape Maintenance

Looking to provide your home’s landscape with ongoing maintenance? No sweat – we’re here to ensure your property has everything it needs and the care it deserves.

At GT Design and Landscapes, we offer a comprehensive maintenance program that takes care of our customers’ full outdoor needs. We will provide your property the care that it needs, right down to that last detail. Whether it’s planting, trimming or finalizing your gardens look, we ensure that your home’s landscape always looks excellent. Allowing us to oversee the ongoing care and maintenance of your landscape leaves you time to spend with those who are closest to you.

Landscaping maintenance services in Minneapolis work year around to keep lawns and gardens in the best condition possible. Every season brings new tasks that help lawns, shrubs and plants thriving during the growing season.

Early spring maintenance

We know everything there is to know about improving spring landscapes. When the weather begins warming and the snow begins melting away, the time for pruning dormant trees, like apple and oak, shortens. Shaping the trees and removing unsightly branches during the late spring, or summer can stunt the tree’s growth and inhibit fruit production. Flowering plants need trimmed and old growth in shrubbery needs cut away to allow proper light and airflow for the growing time to come.

Concrete ponds and fountains, that sit empty through the winter, refill with water. The fresh water must have proper pH levels, which the gardeners maintain through the spring and summer. Patios need to be repaired, swept and power washed.

Sprinkler systems come to life as lines reattach to mains and the timers set for water through the hot season.

Springtime feedings

After the snow has melted completely and the temperatures stay above freezing, plants need fertilizing. Flowering plants get a granular fertilizer mixed well with the soil so the nutrients and water bring the plants back to life. You should reevaluate your mulching as well. Could your landscape benefit from rock mulch or wood mulch? Now’s the perfect time to refresh that old, worn out mulch.

Spring also marks the time to plant annuals and work on the lawns, which have wintered under snow. Rich green grass bordered by arrays of flowers need food to stay insect-free. Spring also makes weeds come to life and landscaping maintenance services in Minneapolis spend hours keeping gardens free of nutrient stealing weeds.

Summer heat

Summer garden maintenance calls for regular lawn edging, mowing and watering. Trimming shrubbery, protecting flowering plants from hungry predators and snipping spent flowers from rose bushes keep the garden show place perfect during the warmest months of the year.

As the long days begin to shorten, the time to prepare the lawn and garden for winter begins.

Fall maintenance

Bulbs need thinning and separating to keep them healthy for the next spring. After the plants stop blooming, and before the first deep freeze, landscaping maintenance services in Minneapolis remove the plant’s foliage. They separate the newly formed bulbs from the old and replant them, protected by fertilized soil and covered with mulch, to give them enough room to grow in the spring.

Gardeners remove spent blooms and malnourished growth from flowering plants. Before going dormant for the season, flowering plants like roses and lilacs get a good pruning.

Automatic sprinkler systems undergo winterizing to avoid frozen pipes and flooding during the winter. Concrete ponds and fountains have a thorough cleaning after draining the water.

Our Pledge

GT Design and Landscapes will ensure that our work is done efficiently and safely. GT Design and Landscapes offers a full line of customized packages that will keep your property plush, green and neat, all summer season long. We service Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Edina, Eden Prairie, Long Lake, Wayzata, Afton, Excelsior and the surrounding neighborhoods.


Maintenance packages typically start around $475.00 per month, based on an eight-month package. This does not include spring and fall clean-ups. Rates vary with property size and area needs. Give us a call or shoot over an email for a no-obligation quote.