preparing you house for snow removal services

Minnesota Snow Removal Services

Even when Old Man Winter comes around, we are still here to help lighten the workload. GT Design and Landscapes offers snow removal services to keep your driveway and walkways clear and safe to use. Here in Minnesota, we’re no strangers to heavy snowfall. but that doesn’t mean you should have to shovel it yourself! You can rest easy knowing that we’re coming your rescue. Our fleet of vehicles, snow removal equipment, and crews will plow, shovel, and salt all designated areas. Oftentimes we have it taken care of before you head to work in the morning.


Maintenance costs can be split up in per time, hourly and seasonal contracts, based on a five-month package. This does not include spring and fall clean-ups. Rates vary with property size and area needs. Give us a call or shoot over an email for a no-obligation quote. View our service areas!


Call us today, to book a winter maintenance package for your property.