Build Your Dream Property Landscape

At GT Design and Landscapes, our industry leading experts are committed to making your dream landscape a stunning reality. We also realize that this might be a stressful time. That’s why we take the following actions to make the building process a breeze:

  • Our staff is always available to answer any questions or concerns.
  • We work hard to minimize all nuisances. Crews realize you live where they work; that’s why they do everything they can to create a safe, worry-free environment.
  • We create a neat and clean environment. We may work in a dirty environment, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in it. Our staff picks up after each day of work.

Don’t take our word for it, view what our customers have said.

With your designs in hand, you’ll want to get the project moving. No sweat. We’ll put everything in writing, secure your project deposit, and place you on the schedule. Your dream escape is just around the corner when we take the following steps:

1We confirm the project details. We understand at this stage a surprise would be a headache. We coordinate the sales specialist, designer, project manager, and construction team, we review the plan details and designs to come up with an action plan.

2The crew and tradesman are selected for your site. We only work with the best landscaping professionals in the area, so you can be sure that award-winning experts are working on your project.

3Locates are submitted. We submit a request for your local utility companies to stop by and mark your underground utilities. This is a proactive measure to prevent injury, unwanted damage, and service interruption to your home.

4We obtain construction permits. We want to ensure we have the correct parking, site alteration building permits, and other documentation for the job to stay on schedule.

5Crews break ground on your project. Work begins: demolition, excavation, part delivery, base preparation, plumbing and electrical, stone and concrete, carpentry, lighting, appliances are delivered and installed, edging is inlayed, plants and flowers are planted, sodding is put down. Then the crew finishes with detailing, testing and clean up (final punch list is closed out.)

6Design changes. If something comes to your mind in the middle of your project, we will make the necessary adjustments to update our plans.

7Project completion. The sales associate and project manager will do a final walk-through to make sure everything is up to your standards.

8Follow-up. We like to set up a time to visit you and your family so we can get some project feedback. We also like for the grass to root in and the plants to mature before we capture a few pictures for future marketing.


Why work with GT Design and Landscapes?

Desire to Innovate

We at GT Design and Landscapes believe if we fail to be innovative when approaching your project, we run a great risk of losing business to our competitors. Competition in a free market holds us accountable to provide our customers the ABSOLUTE best products and services.

Experience to Execute

We involve and educate our staff in the latest industry drivers and trends. We ensure all of our employees are trained and tested before they set foot on our customer’s projects. Our employees’ experience is so critical, as it will go a long way in executing a plan that delivers the results you desire. Our employees are also compensated well above the market rates, not because it’s fair but because it gives us a competitive advantage in our market.

The Brand that Lasts

GT Design and Landscapes is in the business of improving our customers’ lives. We have a SOLID service, GREAT products, and FAIR prices. GT Design and Landscapes cuts no corners to win projects; we only deliver on quality and longevity!