Design Your At Home Resort

No matter what landscape dreams you have, GT Design and Landscapes can turn it into a gorgeous reality. From spacious natural design to stunning landscapes, our experts can transform the look and feel of your home.

The Five Tenants of GT Design and Landscapes:

1We are committed to understanding our customers.

2We are committed to putting your ideas and dreams to paper. Our 2D and 3D design options can help transform your visions into a stunning reality.
3We are committed to staying ahead of the landscaping trends, so our customers can always be cutting-edge.
4We are committed to giving your design a focal point. We focus on a few main areas of design and build out from there, which creates an even landscape.
5We are committed to great organization. We put the right plants in the right spot, and add the correct geometric shapes to your design.

These tenants help us ensure that we assign and coordinate the correct elements for your ideal yard scape. We work with the great natural accents that the greater Twin Cities provides, so your landscape is seamlessly transformed into a gorgeous landscape. This is landscape designing at its best. Let’s get started on designing your backyard resort. Contact one of our “Home Resort Advisors” today.

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Before you begin

Before you contact one of our landscaping experts, we recommend answering the following questions to help visualize your ideal design:



Our Design process

1We will hold an initial consultation with you. One of GT’s associates will meet with you at your home. We ask in-depth questions to understand your thoughts, goals, family’s personality, and budget expectations.

2We put your ideas into writing. We then move forward into the planning stages. This helps us get your ideas in ink so there is no detail left un-touched.

3We visit your home with a design team. The design team will accompany the original associate to the site to get the grades and measurements.

4We present you with our design. All details are not set in stone; we can make alterations if needed. After this, we will create the final draft.

5We estimate your total cost. We now know the final details of your landscape paradise and can put an estimate together based on the final draft.

6We present a final design and estimate. If approved, the design fee is collected upon delivery of the final design.

Design service

Our accredited landscape architects and designers take the time to ensure you and your family end up with the best design.
At the completion of our design phase, you will have a rendering of your new landscape plan. Depending on the size and scope of the project, we may produce various designs, including 3D full color renderings. We place every detail in these plans so that during the estimation and building process you won’t experience any nasty sticker shock.

We do charge a fee for the design phase. These fees range from $750.00 for modest projects to $6,000.00 for the comprehensive builds. These fees apply to the greater Twin Cities areas we service.

If you opt to work with GT Design and Landscapes for your project, we will deduct the design fee from your total project cost. Contact one of our “Home Resort Advisors” today.