Add A Deck To Your Minnesota Home

Decks are generally the most celebrated addition homeowners add to their houses to expand living space from inside to the outdoors. There’s no better place than your back yard to sit back, relax, and even enjoy an ice cold drink. With built-in planters, outdoor furniture, and perhaps an attached pergola, it can become a truly unforgettable getaway.

Remember those summer days as a kid, playing on the swings in your yard, or even just running around with your siblings while the sun went down? Usually, your parents would be sitting on the porch watching you enjoy yourself, sipping a beverage of choice or maybe even cooking up a dinner on the grill. A deck is more than just a place to sit. Memories are made there that the whole family never forgets.

The best part about designing your own deck is that it can be whatever you want it to be. Maybe you’re hoping for a place to entertain a group of friends for a barbeque and a game night, or a spot for the whole family to do activities together. Perhaps you’d like to have a healthy combination of the two. No matter what you’ll use it for, designing a custom deck for your home could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Decking Options and Maintenance

Similar to back yard patios, deck designs have emerged over time to become stunning, longstanding structures that expand your outdoor living space. Designing a beautiful dream deck is no longer restricted to a single-level oblong shape, but can have multiple levels made of elegant lines.

Decks are a great addition to any home. They not only make a house look more attractive, but also provide a wider living space. Having a deck at home gives you access to outdoor views and fresh air, which in turn lightens the mood. They are an ideal spot for a good book, cold refreshments, or perhaps an intimate evening occasion.

Decking options are available in a wide range of designs and may be expensive depending on the materials used and complexity of installation required. You can opt for a contemporary, elegant look, a vintage-inspired style, or anything in between. Adding a few decorations will make an even more appealing deck.

We at GT Design & Landscape hear the question all the time, “Isn’t it impractical to have a deck in Minnesota?” We think otherwise. True, our winters can often feel long and never ending. But the seasons always change, and we forget what the cold even feels like! Our summer months may have a tendency to  feel too short, sure, but no one appreciates the great outdoors in the summertime like Minnesotans. Just imagine a day out on one of the many lakes with the family, coming home and cooking up a nice hearty meal on the grill. Any one of our many customers would say that after deciding to install a deck on their property, they’ve never looked back.

With our special design features, we’ll make sure you can get the most out of your deck for as much of the year as possible. If you don’t think a deck is for you, we ask you to just picture yourself sitting outside on your newly constructed deck in the heat of summer and watching the sun go down with a loved one. Trust us, it truly doesn’t get any better.

Decking Materials

deck-3Deck materials have become more modernized in its constructed quality and longevity. Cedar decks continue to be the foremost leader in beauty and quality. Pressure-treated lumber is a more cost-effective choice that can be treated or left untreated for that natural look. Elaborate designs and shapes are also available in composite materials for that higher end finish.

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is among the latest advancements in the decking industry. It does not have wood material in it which makes it low on maintenance. This type of decking can last for 20 years before a major repair or replacement is needed. Redwood is an expensive decking option, but it is very light, sturdy, and low on maintenance. Go for a darker-color when choosing redwood for decking because this type of material is naturally resistant to rotting. Ipe is another type of wood decking that is elegant-looking, strong, and naturally rot-resistant. However, it requires yearly maintenance to preserve its rich appearance. If you prefer a cheaper option, cedar is a good choice. This type of wood is strong and can last up to 20 years depending on the quality of the wood.

After a little work with the design materials – and with the addition of outdoor furniture – your deck will soon be ready for some festivities. With our material options, we’ll help you pick out gorgeous outdoor lighting and heating units so you can extend the use later into the night or even longer into the season.

Decking Construction Cost

Deck cost basically depends on the type of material used. In terms of recurring fees to be aware of; wood decks in general require yearly maintenance to preserve their original luster. You also may need to spend additional money on cleaner and sealer every year which is around $15 for every 50 square feet. Deferred maintenance for two years or more may require you to spend twice as much.

With GT’s packages, you can rest easy knowing that the best deck construction team in the Twin Cities is behind you. We promise to work with you to turn your dream deck into a reality. We can work with just about any space to develop a solution that’s both attractive and functional. Don’t hesitate to call just because you don’t think a deck would suit your home. Through our years of experience we’ve come to learn that if there’s a will, there’s a way. We offer Additional decking solutions that can be incorporated into your existing or upcoming deck to maintain its durability and original appearance. Know more about these solutions and more by contacting GT Designs and Landscape today.