Build Your Outdoor Kitchen

When Minnesotans were asked about weekday challenges families face, finding time for family dinners was at the top of the list. Dinner is an important past time that is simply losing its luster. So why is GT Design and Landscapes providing outdoor kitchens in many of its designs? Simple: several studies have suggested that regular family meals contribute to healthy eating habits. They also mention having positive emotional benefits. That’s why outdoor dining has a significant meaning to us.

Improve Family Time with an Outdoor Kitchen

There is truly no better way to spend time and make the minutes count then eating dinner outside with GT Design and Landscapes outdoor kitchen. Perhaps the thought of making good food in a delightful outdoor ambiance is your vision of an incredible meal, or perhaps you just don’t want to go inside to cook a full meal while the family is still enjoying the beautiful weather. Whatever the reason, a GT Design and Landscapes outdoor kitchen makes preparing a meal a fabulous benefit of your gorgeous new landscape.

Our minds can create better memories when we are experiencing something new and out of the ordinary. Out door cooking and dining creates this atmosphere of doing something extra special with your family or friends.Kitchen remodeling Minneapolis can literally help you create a fertile ground for creating better memories with your family. Another added benefit of having a workable out door cooking and dining space is that it opens up opportunities to connect socially with others outside of your own house. Having an ideal space to host parties, wedding or baby showers, or other special events will help you to reach out to those around you and offer your hospitality.

It’s Good For You

There are also proven health benefits to spending more time outdoors rather than inside. Outdoors your body is exposed to more sunlight and vitamin D, not to mention that when you are outside most people are just naturally tempted to go play. There is nothing healthier than throwing some healthy food on your outdoor grill and then throwing a Frisbee around the yard while it cooks.

Many people will automatically choose healthier food when cooking outside as well. Fresh grilled chicken breast, organic beef, or even grilled veggies suddenly do not sound like diet food when they are filling your yard with their great aroma.

The great thing about an out door kitchen is that you can make it as simple or as complex as you want. Even a simply designed outdoor kitchen will add tons of options to your usual hum drum family meal plans. When your outdoor kitchen is complete do not be surprised if you family is suddenly more excited about family dinners and even helping out with preparations. There is just something more interesting about cooking outside rather than inside. You will also be surprised to find yourself exploring new territory in the world of cuisine as you begin to look into new and exciting meals that you can prepare outside in your outdoor kitchen.

Why GT Design & Landscapes?

No two homes are alike, and outdoor kitchens are no different. An outdoor kitchen isn’t just an extension of your home, it has to work cohesively with what’s already there. When we build an outdoor kitchen, we try to use the materials your home was constructed with. The goal isn’t just to give you a place to cook, we believe in outdoor living. Like is short, there’s no need to spend it inside.

There’s no limit to what you can do with an outdoor kitchen. Your friends can gather around the pizza oven and personalize a pizza, you can wind down by the fire place at night with your spouse, or have the extended family over to enjoy an entirely outdoor barbecue, maybe even a poolside one!

With our home resort advisors, we see your project through from start to finish. At GT Design & Landscapes, we’re not done until you’ve had your first night in your outdoor kitchen. We’ll even throw you a catered party so you can get an idea of all the ways you can use the latest addition to your home.

Optional Features to include:

  • Food prep counter
  • Seated in BBQ/grill top
  • Warming drawer
  • Outdoor sink
  • Countertop burners
  • Keg tappers
  • Smoker
  • Ice makers
  • Wine coolers
  • Seated fridge, mini or standard size
  • Raised bar counters with cocktail preparation area
  • Stereo and outdoor entertainment features
  • Outdoor Televisions
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Pergola or full roof overhead
  • Pizza oven
  • Dining areas, raised or sunken
  • Built in storage for cooking utensils
  • Tamper-proof garbage bin
  • Propane area heaters
  • Custom built-in covers
  • Appliances: Stainless steel or standard finish
  • Countertops: composite, finished concrete, or natural stone
  • Walls: stone, plaster, concrete, brick, or all stainless



Designing Your Dream Kitchen

It is crucial to an outdoor kitchen and dining areas success to have a plan. Determining the correct amenities, layouts, lighting and size requirements into your design is critical. The barbecue and dining areas are typically located near the home, but they can also be a great addition to the pool house, pergola, or cabana out in the grounds.

Outdoor cooking is entirely different than cooking inside and it has its own special brand of recipes, tools and amazing foods just waiting to be created. If you are looking for a way to improve your home and your family life as well, and out door kitchen could be the answer.

Whether it’s a basic barbecue grill and preparation area or a complete custom outdoor kitchen with all the lavish built-in features, we will design your kitchen with the same architectural attributes as your house to enhance your surrounding backyard space.

If you’re thinking about making some landscape changes for your Minnesota home, contact GT Design & Landscape. We not only offer full property yard landscaping, but will make big changes to your home like a brand new deck for entertaining. You’re one step closer to your dream home.