Home Lighting Services – Minneapolis, MN

Let GT Design and Landscapes light your way! We appreciate the subtleties affected by home lighting. Whether you’re looking to set the right mood with some adjustable porch lights, or lights bright enough to guide you safely to the door at night, GT Design and Landscape will get your dream lighting up and running in no time.

We offer light installation services throughout Minneapolis and the surrounding area. Our lighting services are tailored for each of our individual customers. We place high value on the satisfaction each one of our clients, and value the effectiveness of our home lighting projects. For more than five years we’ve been supplying the Twin Cities area with beautiful home light fixtures and installation, creating luxurious settings in homes across the city.

Lighting Installation

The correct lighting can complement your home’s charm and your property’s beauty by highlighting architectural features. We will supply lighting for occasions when you arrive home in the dark, or for when you host any late-night BBQ’s. There isn’t any mood that we can’t create with our light installation.

With home outdoor lighting, you can better showcase your beautiful house and landscape. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood once you install a beautiful outdoor light system from GT Landscape. Not only will the aesthetic of your home improve, you’ll get into your house safer with pathway lights and garage lights.

Landscape Lights That Shine

Your home is a direct reflection of you. The moment a guest steps past the front door, they begin to understand who you are what you stand for. The vintage mirror hanging in your foyer tells your guests that you respect the past. The poster-sized family portrait canvas tells them that you’re all about connections. The clean lines and immaculate housekeeping give away your perfectionism, and the crystal chandelier tells them that there is delicacy past the high-strung façade.

But why should your home’s connection to you and reflection of you be contained inside the walls of your house? Your outdoor space can and should also reflect who you are and what you love. Whether you’re passionate about entertaining, grilling, bonfires, relaxing, or simple outdoor living, your yard should be given the opportunity to speak to those passions and reflect you as your home does.

An important aspect of outdoor design is appropriate lighting. Without outdoor lighting, your home loses its character and detail as soon as the sun sets.

The right lighting provides numerous aesthetic and functional benefits:

1.      Appearance – Landscape lighting can serve several aesthetic purposes, improving the appearance of your home and outdoor space. It can instantly transform a feature, such as a fountain, into a focal point. It can divide levels of landscaping to create depth and texture or be strategically placed to create drama. Some great ways to create a dramatic effect using outdoor lighting include illuminating trees and entries and utilize upward lighting.

2.      Functionality – Having a well-lit yard means you can use your outdoor space to entertain well into the evening. Floodlights, deck lights, and special patio table lighting increase the functionality of your outdoor space and mean that the fun no longer has to stop when the sun sets at night. Yard games, dining, conversation, and fun can continue without restriction.

3.      Safety – Adequate outdoor lighting decreases the likelihood of slips, trips, and falls after dark. It allows for better view of stairs, thresholds, and landscaping features to increase safety and decrease risk. It also allows you to keep a closer eye on children playing outside after sunset. Solar walkway lights are often used to illuminate pathways and increase personal safety. They are versatile and come in a variety of styles to match your décor.

4.      Home Security – A well-lit home is the least likely target for burglars and other criminals. Criminals face a much higher risk of being spotted on a well-lit lot. To increase your home security, consider placing lighting near entrance points and illuminating the darkest areas of your yard. Motion-activated lighting is a great way to add invaluable security to your home for minimal cost.

5.   Value – Appropriate outdoor lighting that improves curb appeal and increases home security, safety, and functionality increases the value of your home. You can expect to see a 50% return on the investment you make in outdoor lighting.

Choosing GT Design & Landscapes to install your outdoor lighting is just as important as choosing the right variety of lighting. Here at GT, we pride ourselves on being able to show our clients previous work and provide outstanding references. We’re the team that’s lighting the way for consumers all throughout the Twin Cities region! Just fill out the contact form to beautify your landscape tonight!