The Funnest Pool Games For This Summer

People in Minnesota can now breath a collective sigh of relief now that summer is officially here. This calls for celebration with ice cream, watermelons, lemonade and most importantly a dip in your very own swimming pool. Keep in mind the swimming pool is not  for the bore who like to just hang around the pool on the lounge recliners and get a tan, but for the fun lovers who will be adding fun, cool games and toys to the pool. And guess what? There is a wide variety of pool games and toys available in the market with a wide  range of  price tags that can fit any budget!

These are some of the fun pool games that are bound to be popular this summer.

Beach Ball Volleyball:

They come in different shapes and sizes and have been equally popular with the young and the old in the past. Now you can be more creative and add a net across the center of the pool or a set of hoops at both ends for a championship volleyball court right in your pool. You’ll see endless entertainment this summer if you can find a net long enough to stretch across your pool. Get some posts and weighted objects to hold the posts in (a couple of patio umbrella bases should do the trick), tie up the net, inflate the ball – and get the competition started!

Noodle Race:

kid in pool floating on noodle

This is a simple game for kids of all ages and swimmers of all abilities. The noodle race! For this, racers grab a noodle or two, mount it horse-back style, paddle board style, freestyle (any style really!) and the race is on. With a small pool, laps can be designated. You can even add a twist to this game by making it a Noodle Joust.

            • For a Noodle Joust, players sit on a blow up raft in the middle of the pool. Each player gets one pool noodle and they joust with the noodles and try to throw the other player off the raft. The winner takes on the next player.
  • To make your race a bit more challenging, ride the noodle like you’re horse-back riding, meaning no arms can be used. Just bob up and down, paddle your legs and sway side-to-side to get moving.

Watermelon Push Relay:

This relay race can be played with several individuals separately or on teams. Players have to push a watermelon across the length of the pool without ever touching the bottom of the pool with their feet. The watermelon can be replaced with an object of same size and weight such as a basketball or a beach ball depending on the age group of the players. Like any other pool games, players can set their own rules. It is quite a hilarious sight to see your friends and family playing with their food in the water!

Rope Pull Relay:

This game requires a sturdy rope to be held across the pool. The first player sits on a big pool floatie or air mattress and pulls himself across the length of the pool where the next teammate gets on the mattress and pulls oneself back towards the other end of the pool. This continues until all players on the team have crossed over to the other side. Get two or more teams together and the competition will heat up quickly!

Relay Races:

Relay races have been around for a while and are quite popular with the younger generation (because this one involves much more physical activity! Go for it youngsters!). Players take turns going across the length of the pool while shouting out crazy requests such as: swimming backwards, riding a pool noodle, walking on their hands, doing somersaults in the water, twirling, crawling on the bottom of the pool. They can also use the bogey or surf board for this game. Once the swimmer hits the edge of the pool, he slaps his teammates hand as they head back. The first team done gets to dunk the other team!

Find The Bottle:

This is a fun and challenging game. Take a clear 2-liter soda bottle and fill it with water. Players turn their backs to you while you throw the bottle into the pool. The first person to dive in and emerge from the water with the bottle in hand wins. If the bottle top matches the pool then it’s an even harder challenge to find. There’s several ways to play this game, of course. Children often prefer to use clear hoops to play, which are easier to grab with smaller hands and can be looped around the arm for easy holding.

Pool Dunks

Is there anything more fun than doing a front flip-slam dunk combo? A pool dunking contest can bring out the most imaginative – and the most competitive dunkers. If you don’t have a pool basketball hoop, have someone stand on the edge of the pool with their arms shaped as a hoop. That’s some affordable fun, right there!

Floating Golf Green:

Golfing fanatics rejoice! Can you imagine this game exists and is the real deal? Made from recycled foam and premium synthetic grass, it’s meticulously assembled with artificial turf to last longer and feel more realistic. Each green includes 12 floating plastic golf balls which are heavier than traditional golf balls so you can accurately strike the ball and direct it. There are tons of sports-themed pool games like this, from basketball to baseball to volleyball and more! Whatever you’re looking for in terms of sports themed pool games, we’re sure it exists.


This family fun game has been around for a while and is generally popular with all age groups. It doesn’t require too much preparation time, and you don’t have to lug fishing equipment all the way to the lake, river, or ocean and back again. All you need is as a sinkable fish, small sinkable hoops or anything else that stays at the bottom for this game. Each player is given a bucket to keep on the side for their items. Players can time this game or just play with their own rules. They have to dive under and bring up as many “fish” for their buckets as they can. Golf balls work great too because they sink faster, are easy to spot and are easy to pick up.

These pool games are some of the most fun and enjoyable ones around, and are sure to be a hit with any age group or family. They not only bring people together for some great fun and quality time that will have everyone coming back to the pool all spring and summer long. Creativity is the key to making these games fun and enjoyable with your friends and family to make a family tradition or everlasting friendships that will go a long way.





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