What Are My Options For Outdoor Home Lighting?

What Are My Options For Outdoor Home Lighting?

When thinking about our front and backyard lighting, landscaping is often passed over for other features. As much as you love your property during the day, it can be just as spectacular at night with the right ambiance. Lighting is an important feature for any home, both inside and out. With experts at GT Design & Landscapes, you have a variety of options for lighting. In fact, selecting home lighting can be overwhelming. We’re here to help you break down your options for outdoor home lighting.

First and foremost, consider the purpose your outdoor lights will serve. When you imagine your dream patio or walkway, what priorities do you have? Are you imagining soft lighting to set the mood? Or are you imagining the winding turns your home has and how to best see what’s lying ahead of you at night? There are a few different features to consider when selecting outdoor lighting.

  • Appearance
  • Functionality
  • Safety
  • Home Security
  • Value

All of these are features of the lighting options GT Design & Landscapes has to offer. Let’s take a look at the different fixtures available to you.


We all appreciate these lights every time we knock on a friend’s door after the sun goes down. Ceiling lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They give off a great deal of light with a single fixture. At GT Design & Landscape, we love to hang them over our covered patios for late night family barbeques or game night with friends.


If you don’t have a covered outdoor entryway or patio, wall lights are another awesome way to shed light over a large area, and see who is at your door. There are still a variety of options for these lights

Landscape and Path

We are big fans of landscape and path lights. They are some of the most versatile and pleasing fixtures to have around your home. These lights can be easily concealed if you’re not interested in a decorative fixture, and the add a great deal of value to your landscape. If you’re going to sign up for one of our front or backyard landscape packages, we want you and your neighbors to be able to admire all our hard work! These lights also light your path in a much more aesthetically pleasing way, so you’ll be able to see where you’re going without being blinded.


These lights are ideal for security and safety purposes. They shed a great deal of light over a huge area. It is near impossible to hide in the presence of a flood light. Anyone concerned about intruders or safety would greatly benefit from one of these in their yard.

There are plenty of options for outdoor lighting. We have all kinds of customizable features such as motion lights, adjustable dimness, and integration of different styles. If you’re curious about your lighting options, give us a shout and get your quote today!

GT Design & Landscapes caters to the Twin Cities area and beyond in Minnesota. We specialize in home landscaping projects such as outdoor kitchens, pools, and full property landscaping.

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